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At Neigbrs by Vinteum, we offer an easy to solution to import resident information. Simply download our template, complete the fields, and submit the excel spreadsheet.

1.) To get started, select the "Import Data" tab under the Community menu. Then select the "Download" drop-down and select the "Specific community template". Download the template of the community you would like to import residents.

2.) Open the excel file in excel. Follow along with the instructions provided.

  • Are you a community with multiple buildings? If so, insert the number of buildings to help you organize the residents.
  • As you click through the different tabs, make sure that you complete all the information with green headers, as that is required information.
  • Make sure to save your changes.

3.) Go back to Import/Export section of the Community Menu. Select "Update Community" tab and find the excel file containing your changes.

4.) Once uploaded the system will check it for completeness and ensure all the data was correctly imported. If There was an error with the upload, you can view the errors report to make the necessary corrections.

Once you've achieved the green 'Imported' status, you can search your account for all community resident information.

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