How to set up unit tags

This article explains how to set up and use unit tags to improve the unit searchability in your Neigbrs account

Caue Emilio

Last Update 2 года назад

When editing the community's Property Details, you may encounter the option Unit Tag under the 'Structure' section.

To enable Unit Tag, go to Community Management, click on Property Details, scroll down to the Structure section and select the box to 'Enable Unit Tag' then click on 'SAVE'

As you can see below, under the Units/Houses, you will be able to see the Unit Tag added to each unit. This column only appears if the Unit Tag was previously enabled.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Unit Tag is an optional field
  • Only one Tag can be added to each unit
  • The Unit Tag can be up to 50 characters long

The following menus can be searched using Unit Tags:

  • Reception > Community
  • Service Request > Requests
  • Community Management > Units/Houses 
  • Community Management > Absentee Owners/Residents

You can search using the whole tag or just a part of it, but the search term must be at least three characters long

The search results will show all units that have the term you typed in

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