How to start an online meeting and download its recordings

A basic step-by-step in how to start and manage Neigbrs' Meeting feature and how to download the meeting recordings afterwards

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First we explained how to create an online meeting using Neigbrs

Now we will explain how to start the meeting and the most useful features to use during the meeting. 

Keep in mind that only Board members, Managers, Assistant Managers, Administrators and Master Administrators can start an online meeting

You can also watch our full tutorial on video here.

1) Go to Meetings and hover over the meeting that you want to start and click on View (👁 - eye icon)

2) This will lead into your online meeting page, where you can see the meeting information, such as Title, Date, Agenda and Minutes. 

On the top, there will be a blue Start Online Meeting button (Camera icon) and clicking there will redirect you to the meeting page. 

If the button is grayed out, the meeting room is currently unavailable. 

That can mean one of two things:

  • The meeting is currently full (300 people limit)
  • The meeting room was not created    
    • The meeting room is created 2 hours before the Meeting start time and closes 6 hours after the meeting start time (maximum of 8 hours long meeting)

3) Clicking on the Start Online Meeting button will open a new tab in your browser where you can set your microphone and camera options before joining the meeting

After joining the meeting, you will be able to use most of Zoom features.

As you can see below, there are twelve different icons and buttons and we will give a quick explanation about all of them. 

You can also check out Zoom help center to get further help

All of our Zoom meetings start recording automatically, but you can pause, restart or stop the recording if you are the meeting host.

After the meeting ends, you can access the meeting recording by accessing the meetings menu and clicking on View on the meeting you wish to get the recording from.

After that, just scroll down until you see all the recorded videos, hover with the mouse the one you wish to download and click on the download button

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