How to create a new Voting / Survey

This article explains each step on how to setup, segment and send a vote for your community

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So you've decided to build a new pool deck, paint the building or throw a party, and you'd like to survey the residents. Let me show you how!

You can either follow our Video Tutorial on Youtube here

Or read our step-by-step article below:

1.) On the left toolbar, select "Voting/Survey" and click on the green plus button on the top right of the page.

2.) Once you start a new Survey, insert the title and description of the survey. This will provide residents with direction. Next, you can select when the survey will be open to participants. Select if you would like to provide a reminder notification as well is you want them to visualize the partial results. Open vote makes the survey votes public, so that the residents know who voted on what.

3.) Then you can segment your survey like you do for notices. You can target it to a specific Building, Unit and resident profiles. 

Keep in mind that every unit can vote only once, regardless of how many residents are registered on it.  Only the first resident from each unit to vote will have their vote registered.

4.) Question Types

All questions can be set as Required and have up to six attachments on them. The attachment can be a image or any kind of text file, such as word, excel and pdf.

Single Reply - Allow participants to select one option. 

Multiple Answer - Participants can select multiple responses, with minimum and maximum optional.

Open Answer - Participants are able to draft an open-end response up to 500 characters.

5.) Once it's complete, you can publish it, residents will view the full document and cast their vote accordingly!

Good to go! Hope you like the results!

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