How to log a package

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In Neigbrs by Vinteum you can log packages and register when they've been collected. View all your packages by going to 'packages'. You can add a new one by clicking the green plus button.

1.) Include the information in the box, the building, and unit of the recipient, the date and time it was received, the person it's for, and if you know it, the sender. You can choose if it's awaiting pickup or received, and then any notes about the package.

2.) Your package will receive a number. You can then choose whether to send another notification to the recipient by clicking on the bell icon and they will automatically get an email. When the resident comes to pick up the parcel you can click on the envelope symbol to register it as received.

3.) After that, this box will appear, and you can choose who picked it up and if you would like you could add their ID number, phone number or any other unique identification number you may use in your community.

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