How to set up incidents reporting

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Incidents reporting is where residents can inform the board or manager if any resident is breaking community rules, for instance leaving their dogs mess around or playing music loudly at one in the morning.

1.) To set up incidents reporting go into settings.

2.) In 'incident' under settings you can choose public or private.

Public means that everyone in the community can see the incidents and private means that only administrators can see them.

In 'incidents visible to the unit' you can choose if the responsible and the board can see the incident (Interested parties), or if the whole community can (Registered by the unit and the community).

In 'visibility of the notifier' you can choose between anonymous or visible. If you choose 'visible' then you'll be able to see the name of the person reporting the issue.

If you choose visible then you choose between 'for notified only', so that only the interested parties can see who is reporting the incidents, or 'for all'. In 'for all' everyone in the community will see who reported the incident.

3.) After that you choose some common complaints or issues, type the issue in 'name', choose which profile or profiles are going to be responsible for it, click on add and then save.

4.) After you've finished setting things up, administrators and residents can go into incidents and report them

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