Quickbooks Online Integration

We are implementing a Quickbooks Online integration. We are still in the beta stage.

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Connecting to Quickbooks Online

When logged in as a Administrator, Master Administrator, Board member,  Absentee Owner or Resident profiles you may login into your Quickbooks Online account and have access to your balance sheet and invoices.

1.) To log in go to the quickbooks menu and click on "Connect to Quickbooks" 

2.) A new window will open to fill your Quickbooks Online login information:

3.) Afterward, you will be asked to connect your Quickbooks Online account to your Neigbrs by Vinteum account. This allows Neigbrs by Vinteum to get the information requested.

Quickbooks balance sheet report

Under Quickbooks Report it is possible to get balance sheets from your Quickbooks acount.

1.) Enter the start and end dates for the balance sheet

2.) After filling the date information, click the "Export" button and this will download the report as a PDF file.

See below an example of a downloaded balance sheet:

Quickbooks Invoices

The first stage of our integration lets you check all your invoices saved on the Quickbooks Online account you connected to Neigbrs by Vinteum.

You can see the invoice number, invoice creation date, the client's unit, the invoice amount and invoice status.

You can click on every invoice to get extra details about it, such as when it was paid, the amount of taxes charged and when every partial payment was deposited

Lastly, you can also create invoices and relate them to specific units of your community or management company. We do that in 4 easy steps:

1.) Click on the Select button on step one. This will open a pop-up with all residents registered under your communities. 

Choose the community, Building/Street and Unit/House of the resident you with to create the invoice to. 

Keep in mind that you can click on "+ Details" to check which residents are registered under each unit and what are their profiles. 

You can also use the search bar to look for a particular unit/house or person. The term searched will be highlighted and the 'Details' button will also be highlighted if you are looking for a person, instead of a unit.

After selecting the unit, just click on Save and you are ready for the next step. 

If you have multiple communities and is creating an invoice from a different community,  a message will display just to notify you from which community the invoice is being created from. 

2.) Now you can select the billing address, Invoice date and Due date. 

Neigbrs will auto-fill the billing address based on your community address, the street name and the unit number. However, by clicking on the check box, you can use any address you register on the text box.

After filling in the address and the dates, you can move on for the next step.

3.) On this step you can select which items will the invoice contain. This list comes directly from what you registered under Quickbooks online Products and Services.

After clicking on any item on the left, they will be added in the list on the right.

After adding the items on the list, you can:  

  • Delete items by clicking on the red 'X' button
  • Adding or subtracting items by changing the Quantity
  • Selecting if that item is taxable or not

Note that taxes solely based on your Quickbook Online account settings and will be calculated after the invoice is created.

4.) Lastly, just review the invoice information and click on "Create Invoice". 
This will create a record on both Quickbooks Online and Neigbrs by Vinteum.

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