How to send document notifications

Want to notify your community of new documents that have been posted or edited? These notifications come in the form of an email.

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You can notify members of your community of any document that you are currently uploading or that has already been uploaded following the step-by-step tutorials below.

1.) Proceed to the 'Documents' section on the left toolbar and select 'Files'.

2.1) If you are uploading a new document, click on the green plus button to upload the new document and you can simply select the "Send notification" function to alert the visible audience. For Example, if the file is visible to "Administrators", then only Administrators will receive a notification.

2.2) If you wish to send a notification for document already in the system, hover the mouse over the document you wish to send a notification and click on the bell icon.

A pop up will appear and by clicking on "Yes" a notification will be sent to all users that have permission to see the document.

Here is an example of the email generated by the system:

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