How to create a unique URL for each document

You can send documents via link or share it in your posts, newsletters or emails, like it's done on popular tools like Dropbox or Google Drive

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Before adding any documents, keep in mind that Neigbrs accepts the following document types: PDF, PNG, JPEG, DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS and XLSX.

1.) Click on documents, and then files.

You can set this option when uploading the document (2.1) or by editing it (2.2)

2.1)If you haven't uploaded the file yet, click on the green plus button to upload the file you want to create a public URL for.

2.2)If your document was already in documents, click on the pencil button to edit it.

3.) Once in the prompt, you tick the "Enable Public URL" option and Save. This will allow you to create a unique URL for this document, which can be shared with anyone who has the link.

4.) Click on generate public URL.

5.) Copy the link by clicking on the symbol of the two sheets of paper.

6.) Done! This is a powerful feature enabling the easy transfer of documents whether directly to residents or by placing documents directly on your website. Be careful however as this does not require a login to view the document and non-community members could view the document should they get their hands on the link.

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