How to change a resident's access email

If a resident is struggling to change their login email, Administrators can change it in two simple steps

Caue Emilio

Last Update il y a 2 ans

This previous article showed to residents how they can change their password and email by themselves. 

In case they are not able to do it, you, as an administrator, can help them and update their information following this simple steps. 

1) Under the community Management menu, access the absentee owners/Residents submenu and hover your mouse over the resident you want to change the access email and click on the "Change User Account" icon.

2) After clicking the icon, a pop-up will appear. There you can type the new access email and click on the switch button to confirm the change.

Note: This process changes the user login email, but if you want to just add additional emails for the user, this article might help you

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