How to send smart calls

Smart calls are automated voice calls, like Amazon's Alexa or Apple's Siri, that will read to the residents the message you've typed.

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1.) To send smart calls, go to smart calls and click send smart calls. 

2.)To send a call to the whole community click on the name of the community, or click on 'recipient' to choose who to send it to. Then click on write message to write and send it.

Note: Keep in mind that both Smart Calls and Text messages uses the resident's cellphone number. 

The system uses the cellphone number set by the resident to send Smart Calls. If a resident haven't updated its number, the system will use the cellphone number provided by the Administrator when that resident was registered.

This article helps residents changing all their personal information, like phone numbers and email.

3.) Include a title to organize calls within Neigbrs, then write the message you want to send. 

If you want to test it for free include your phone number and send test call.

4.) When you're ready click on send message.

In the 'Activities Panel' you can view the calls were sent and download reports.

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