How to create a self-registration link

Caue Emilio

Last Update 3 years ago

At Vinteum we aim to make HOA managers' lives easier. One of the ways we do this is by allowing residents to register their unit, all the residents, and any vehicles and pets they may have on Neigbrs. Then, all the manager has to do is approve or reject the resident. This simplifies the upload process a lot. So how do you do it?

1.) Log in to Neigbrs by Vinteum and click on Community and then property details.

2.) Here you will see a box with 'Allow the registration of units through public link?'. When you tick that box a link will appear and you can copy that and send it to your residents.

3.) To approve or reject your residents click on resident approval.

4.) This will lead you to a list of all the people who registered. When you roll your mouse over a name, a small pencil, a tick, and a cross will appear. You can edit the information they included, and you can accept or reject them.

5.) When you click on accept you can choose to send an email inviting the occupying resident to join Neigbrs by Vinteum, all the residents or none. If this unit already exists under 'units/houses', then you have to delete this unit first. Then you're done!

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