Which documents are visible to which profiles?

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So you're interested in finding out a bit more about which documents can be view by which profiles? We are here to break it down!

The image below displays the 5 levels of visibility restriction in a folder or file other than public, based on an account's profile. Remember, Master Administrators have permission to see all that is inside the system.

Public - These documents can be seen by all profiles that have access to the document feature, such as residents, managers, board members, Administrators etc.

Managers / Administrator - These documents are only able to be seen by  managers and Administrators.

Only Administrators - These documents are only able to be viewed by Administrators.

Report Manager - Typically this profile is reserved for management companies which allow select employees to access community documents.

Private - This option allows access to single or multiple residents to the file, fully personalizing who has access to the document.

Choose Profile - If you want to share the documents with only the staff and concierges, this option let you choose one or multiple profiles to share the document with

Contact Group - If you have created contact groups for your community, you can choose one or multiple contact groups to share the files with. This article can help you create your contact groups 

Keep in mind that each one of these profiles is based per account and may be circumstances where one account will have access to multiple communities.

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